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The stories written by Ms. Perry inspire children to reach greater heights and to understand the beauty that surrounds them.

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Phallon Perry

Phallon Perry is a published author of children’s books, short stories, and poetry. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University where she studied English and International Studies. To strengthen her skills as a writer, she decided to pursue a Master’s of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Northwestern University. 

As a black author, Phallon Perry often depict underrepresented or misunderstood characters. She believes in the magic of storytelling and creating a world of your very own in kids books.

In 2016, Ms. Perry published Dream to be from A to Zzz.

In 2018, Ms. Perry published Austin’s Pansies.

Be on the lookout for more books to come!


In less than two years as a self-published author, Ms. Perry has sold more than 300 copies of her children's books and has received international recognition for providing children with diverse literature.


Getting lost in a book can be your greatest adventure. Feel free to reach out to Ms. Perry if you are interested in having her come to your school, daycare, camp, etc for a booksigning, book reading, or book fair. Ms. Perry has even worked with students and adults to assist them with publishing their own stories. If you are interested in having her come to your school or to order a large quantity of books for your store or classroom please contact